“Face The Intensity”
June 2019-Present

I love this brand to the bottom of the little purple bag and back.

I had the rare priveledge of working with them both above and below the line. And as the lone writer on the account, I got to champion the brand voice in a way that not many young writers do.

I got to do everything from create their social content (including paid), write for their website, launch new sub-brands, position those brands, name new flavors, create promotions for those flavors, work with celebrites (John Cena, Ninja and Charli D’Amelio), make sales videos, run contests, host sweepstakes and all kinds of other fun stuff.


Website Copy & Product Positioning

Takis has plans for a new website, and they’re in the middle of launching a whole string of sub-brands. They tasked me with writing the copy for several pages and with creating product descriptions, “headlines,” and flavor descriptions for each product.
They also asked for a master brand statement.

(Most of this hasn’t launced yet, so here’s everything in deck format).

New Product Launch

Back in 2020, Takis launched two limited-edition flavors that left your mouth a different color than the chip when you ate it.
We got to name them both, plus concept and execute a promotion for them.

We knew our target LOVED Takis merch, but Takis doesnt have any official merch, so we created some for them
and used it to promote the new flavors on social by doing 31 days of streetwear-style “drops.”

This is how it worked.

And these here some examples of what it looked like once we executed it.



All of our prizes kept true to the color changing theme of the launch. 
We gave away color-changing Takis, T-shirts, and even worked with a custom shoe artist
to create a pair of color-changing Forces with UV-activated paint for the grand prize.


Nearly 6,000 new followers in 31 days
210,000 story views
27% CTR
7.3M average story reach