Bank of America

“Achievement in Action”
February 2020—Present

Worked collabratively on a 15-person creative team to meet various
objectives and deliver on briefs for the bank in their owned spaces. 

We produced digital spots, created POS material, supported
partnerships, ran promotions and executed special projects.

I learned lots of handy skills, like how to direct talent, how to sell-in and present creative work, how to push the strategy when needed, and how to work cross-functionally with folks like strategists, motion artists, account leads, graphic designers and pretty much everyone else who had a horse in the race.

Digital Work

Mobile Search

This was a spot we created to announce and promote new AI upgrades
in the Bank of America app that made it easier and quicker to find what you needed.

Life Plan™

We made this spot to support the launch of Life Plan—a new piece of technology
 the bank was rolling out to help people plan, track and achieve their financial goals.

Ken Burns

Bank of America sponsors a Ken Burns documentary once a year. In partnership with PBS, this year’s was on
the larger-than-life legend, Muhammad Ali. We created some promotional material to get people excited to check it out.

Campaign Work

Student 2021

With students finally returning to campus to enjoy the classic college experience for the first time in over
a year, the 2020-2021 back-to-school season was even more exciting than usual. This campaign capitalized
on that energy—using joyful imagery, bold color and conversational copy to inspire our student clients
to start their financial journey with confidence